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Water Resources

T&M Associates Water Resources Engineering Services

The stewardship and sustainable use of water is vital to maintain human health, the environment and a productive, growing economy. To meet the challenges faced by our government and industrial clients and help them comply with increasingly stringent regulations, we provide comprehensive consulting and engineering services to support the planning, design, construction and inspection of water supply and distribution systems, sewage collection systems, pumping stations, treatment plants, system upgrades, infrastructure replacements and renewable energy systems. We are well-versed in interfacing with regulatory agencies at the State and Federal levels and can help our clients secure adequate funding to initiate and complete their projects. T&M’s experience also includes a variety of water and sewer system capacity studies, inflow and infiltration investigations, sewer system mapping and system connection permitting, as well as developed updated water and wastewater management plans and utility improvement plans.


T&M Associates Water Resources Engineering Services; City of Columbus Green Infrastructure Workforce Development Program, Columbus, Ohio
City of Columbus: Old Beechwold
Area Improvements
Columbus, Ohio
Water Treatment Facility
Upgrades for PFAS Treatment
Borough of National Park, NJ
City of Columbus: Green
Infrastructure Workforce
Development Program
Columbus, Ohio


  • PFAS Characterization / Investigation
  • PFAS Treatment System Design
  • Municipal and Industrial Water and Wastewater Management
  • Operator Assistance
  • Program and Construction Management
  • Public Drinking Water Supply
  • Water Main Distribution Design and Rehabilitation
  • Optimization and Energy Reduction
  • Water Storage Tank Installation and Rehabilitation
  • Water Treatment Design and Engineering
  • Value Management
  • Groundwater/Source Water Protection
  • Stormwater Management
  • Hydraulic and Process Modeling
  • Drought Management Plans
  • GIS/Asset Management
  • Backup Power Generation