Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia Water Department (PWD)



Core Practices

Services Provided

  • Stormwater Management
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Project Overview

The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Water (PWD), GSI Unit is working to implement its Green City, Clean Waters Plan, the 25-year plan to reduce the volume of stormwater entering combined sewers using green infrastructure and to expand stormwater treatment capacity with traditional infrastructure improvements. This effort officially began in 2011 and is scheduled to meet pollution reduction goals by 2036, in accordance with the City’s Long Term Control Plan.

GSI provides environmental, economic, and social benefits to Philly, and consistently receives good reviews in PWD customer service surveys. PWD exceeded their 10-year reduction goal and continues to progress toward the 25-year goals. T&M is proud to be one of the companies currently delivering projects under this important contract.

T&M’s contracts include the design of stormwater trenches, rain gardens, bump outs, and modular storage crates. As part of GSI design, our team is also experienced with roadway turning analyses, roading grading needed for bumpouts and ADA ramp updates.

Our team works on both the GSI contract and the linear contract, providing us with an understanding of the needs and standards of both. As part of this role, we are often called upon to provide feedback to PWD regarding how the differences in the contract can be streamlined. To date, our team has assisted PWD with basemap scaling differences, utility coordination protocols, and incorporation of water/sewer quantities.

The projects T&M has been assigned design services for under this on-call service contract include:

  • 56th Street Tree Canopy Enhancements (17 Stormwater Tree Trench Systems)
  • West Vine Street Greening (1 Rain Garden, 9 Stormwater Tree Trench & 3 Bumpout Systems)
  • Craig Decatur (11 Stormwater Tree Trench Systems, 300+ LF of Water Main Design)
  • Frankford Sheffield (10 Bumpout & 5 Stormwater Tree Trench Systems)
  • Loring Cottman (5 Bumpout & 4 Stormwater Trench Systems)
  • Harbison Ave. Streets 1 (10 Stormwater Trench & 2 Stormwater Tree Trench Systems, 550+ LF of Water Main Design)
  • Belmont West Green Streets (4 Bumpout & 9 Stormwater Tree Trench Systems, 3,800+ LF of Water Main and 300+ LF of Sewer Design)

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