Harrison Township & Borough of Glassboro, NJ


Gloucester County



Services Provided

  • Highway/Roadway/Roundabout Design
  • Traffic Engineering, Signal Design, Operational Analysis, Assessment, and Planning
  • H&H Studies and Design, Stormwater Management
  • Water Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Survey
  • Utility Coordination
  • Permitting/Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Grading & Erosion Control
  • Earthwork Analysis (cut/fill)
  • Program Management / Construction Management

Project Overview

The eastern portion of Harrison Township along the border with the Borough of Glassboro is rapidly developing with on-going projects under construction by Rowan University, Inspira Health Network and private mixed-use development. T&M was contracted by Gloucester County to expand the transportation network in this area to improve the safety and mobility of local and regional traffic; alleviate congestion; provide safe/efficient access to the current and future development sites; provide the infrastructure for stormwater management, water mains and sanitary sewer to support future development; and provide another means of emergency access to the new Inspira Hospital. 

Gloucester County proposed to construct a new roadway that would interconnect the existing roadway network, consisting of US Route 322, Route 55, and Ellis Mill Road (CR641), and thereby provide improved pathways for the current travel loadings and the future traffic generated by the ongoing and pending development plans. A critical feature of the County’s plan is to interconnect US Route 322 and CR641 with a new roadway on the eastern side of Route 55 to be designated as the CR641 Spur. The alignment of the CR641 Spur roadway will connect the Inspira Hospital’s entrance boulevard, currently under construction, with the existing Acorn Road at Kentucky Avenue in Glassboro.

T&M is the prime consultant on this transportation infrastructure improvement project responsible for an alternatives analysis to evaluate several alignments for the new roadway. Aerial mapping supplemented with a field survey provided the basis for the mapping of existing conditions. Existing right-of-way, wetlands, and utilities were located and incorporated into the project constraints mapping. A traffic study was performed to analyze traffic under existing and future (with connector road) conditions to ascertain the number of lanes that the connector road needs to carry. A signal was designed at the intersection of Ellis Mill Road and Acorn Road, where the connector road meets. A pavement design was performed in accordance American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) guidelines. Water and sewer infrastructure was designed and laid out along the roadway alignment to serve future development. Regional stormwater basins were designed to attenuate flows from the roadway and future development. The project will be constructed in two construction contracts to allow construction of the most critical section of roadway, which will support new development, to be fast-tracked. Plans, specifications and engineer’s estimate of construction costs were developed in accordance with NJDOT and Gloucester County standards.

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