Asbury Park, NJ


City of Asbury Park



Services Provided

  • Municipal Appointments
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Roadway Safety Improvements
  • Stormwater & Green Infrastructure Design
  • Water & Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Paths (Crosswalk Design, Pedestrian Bridges and Safety Improvements)
  • Traffic Engineering and Planning
  • Traffic Signal Design (Signal Optimization & Preemption)
  • Construction Administration and Inspection
  • Highway/Roadway/Roundabout Design (Hard Shoulder Running, Capacity Analysis, Road Diets)
  • Traffic Engineering, Signal Design, Operational Analysis, Assessment and Planning
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Project Overview

For over 40 years the City of Asbury Park has been designated as an Area in Need of Rehabilitation. With failing infrastructure, deteriorated roadways, high-speed traffic issues, antiquated traffic signals, and a century-old sanitary sewer system, safety had become a huge concern for the City and there was an increasingly dire need of rehabilitation.

The Asbury Park Memorial Drive Improvements Project is a 7-block stretch of Memorial Drive from Asbury Avenue to Sixth Avenue. Its prime location is in the center of the city and marks the gateway to Asbury Park. This project is just one phase of the City’s larger plan to transform Asbury Park into a landmark location.  Improvements include roadway reconstruction, the installation of two new traffic signals equipped with pedestrian countdown timers (on Third and Fourth Avenues), new crosswalks, concrete curbs, ADA compliant curb ramps, sidewalk replacement, protected bicycle facilities, replacement of driveway aprons, parking for local businesses and residents, drainage infrastructure improvements, the complete replacement of sanitary sewer infrastructure, and associated pavement restoration.

New bike lanes were added to increase safety for the City’s youth.  These upgrades improve safety and help to foster an economy that revitalizes and stimulates growth.

T&M Associates performed the project’s roadway design/plan preparation, client management, project management, signal & traffic control design/plan preparation, sanitary sewer design, permitting, bidding, and contract award for this transformative project. Project construction began in Spring of 2023 and is expected to be complete in June 2024.

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