Middlesex, NJ


County of Middlesex



Services Provided

  • Highway and Highway Facilities Design
  • Traffic Engineering, Signal Design, Operational Analysis, Assessment, and Planning
  • Drainage and H&H
  • Right-of-Way (ROW) Engineering
  • Highway and Pedestrian-Scale Lighting
  • Land Survey
  • Grading & Erosion Control
  • Utility Coordination
  • Program Management / Construction Management

Project Overview

In anticipation of the ​massive ​redevelopment project at the site of the former Ferren Mall, the County needed improvements made to a busy 3-legged intersection. T&M was responsible for the design of traffic signal and intersection improvements at this heavily utilized intersection located in the heart of New Brunswick. The intersection is used as a training location for people with visual impairments by the Joseph Kohn Training Center which is a part of the NJ Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Input from the training center was solicited in the design of the ADA facilities proposed at the intersection. 

The selected alternative removed the island in the northwest quadrant of the intersection. This modification provided the following benefits:

  • Eliminated island and associated signal equipment.
  • Minor pedestrian travel increase will not have a significant impact on signal operations.
  • Additional sidewalk area in NW quadrant of the intersection.
  • Provides greatest pedestrial refuge area of all alternatives.
  • Shifts the Albany Street WB bus stop past the intersection, a recommendation from a past Roadside Safety Audit.

Other improvements provided include ADA compliant curb ramps, curb, and sidewalk replacement to ensure an ADA accessible route along the roadways and to the doorways located within the project limits, milling and overlay of the pavement surface, replacement of signing and striping, reduction of the Easton Avenue NB receiving lane from 16’ to 14’ and the increase of the outer SB left/right turn lane from 12 ft. to 14’ to provide bicycle compatible curb lanes in both directions and narrow the NB lane to deter passenger drop offs neat the NJ Transit New Brunswick train station.

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