Woodbridge, NJ


Township of Woodbridge



Services Provided

  • HVAC
  • Central Plants
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Exhaust/Ventilation Systems
  • Lighting & Controls
  • Fire Alarm
  • Primary & Secondary Power Distribution Systems
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Domestic Water Piping
  • Gas/Oil/Fuel Piping
  • Fire Protection
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Standpipes
  • Remedial Investigation/Design
  • Site Plan Development/Design
  • Stormwater Management/Water Quality
  • Permitting/Regulatory Agency Coordination
  • Program Management / Construction Management
  • Landscape Architecture & Lighting

Project Overview

The Township of Woodbridge acquired an indoor athletic facility that was originally constructed in the 1970’s. T&M was selected to provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection (MEP&FP), structural, environmental, site development, and construction management services for the renovation of the existing building.

The scope of work for this multi-phased project included selection of upgraded and appropriately sized HVAC equipment to serve each space, replacement of toilet exhaust fans, and powering of all HVAC equipment. Building modifications include a full gut rehabilitation of the existing toilets, locker, and shower rooms, replacement and upgrades to the HVAC equipment and lighting serving the multi-sport area, daycare, fitness center, pool, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and offices/lobby, and upgraded sprinkler coverage throughout.

T&M also provided engineering services for the conversation of the existing tennis court building to an ice rink. This included the renovation of the existing 26,000 SF tennis court building and an approximately 4,000 SF addition to accommodate a full-size hockey rink, ice resurfacing vehicle storage, interior snow melt pit, public restrooms capped with a structural floor for storage above, four team locker rooms, coach’s room, official’s room, concession stand, bleachers, mechanical room, and storage. T&M worked closely with the architect who designed the general construction elements of the improvements, as well as a specialty ice rink consultant who was responsible for preparing the ice rink refrigeration system design.

Mechanical systems included a desiccant dehumidification unit for the ice rink, an air handling to serve the public restrooms, locker rooms, and team toilet/shower rooms, gas-fired infrared heaters to serve the bleachers, and gas-fired unit heaters to serve the mechanical and storage rooms. Electrical systems including lighting, power for equipment and systems to support the ice rink, fire alarm, and the design of an upgrade to the electric service for the building. Plumbing systems included the design of sanitary systems to support the renovation and addition, an upgrade to the existing domestic water central plant to serve the new toilet/shower facilities, and the design of a domestic water heater to support the specialty ice rink systems. Site improvements included new pedestrian and vehicular access to the parking lot, and associated utilities and stormwater management. Environmental services included air monitoring services during the removal of the existing asphalt flooring. Structural services included the design of structural support for the addition, the new scoreboard, and new mechanical systems.

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