Lockbourne, OH


City of Columbus, Division of Water



Services Provided

  • Construction Management

Project Overview

The Lockbourne Road Quarry Embankment Improvements project includes mass earthwork to repair the northern embankment of the Lockbourne Road Quarry, parallel to Big Walnut Creek, to conditions prior to an overtopping flood event. The quarry is owned by the City of Columbus under a conservation easement managed by the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District and is used for storage of sludge generated through the City’s water treatment operations offsite. The repair work consists of earthwork construction to reestablish the majority over material prior to overtopping, installation of a permanent buried sheet pile wall in the embankment, rip rap and articulated concrete block placement, tree replacement for slope protection, and other site restoration work.

T&M was a subconsultant to Hill International to provide professional construction management services. They shared responsibility for preconstruction services, construction management, contract change management, claims analysis, cost and schedule analysis, project controls, and project closeout. This work required coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The construction management team worked with the contractor to complete the work as quickly as possible to prevent further damage should another flood occur before repairs could be completed. For example, a large volume of soil was originally designed to be replaced with rock to fortify the embankment. T&M coordinated with the design professional, to determine that much of the soil was suitable for the embankment and was not necessary to be replaced, providing a significant schedule and cost savings.

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