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Services Provided

  • Municipal Appointments
  • Planning and Zoning Board Engineering & Planning
  • Environmental Consulting for Planning & Zoning Boards
  • Planning Services
  • Stormwater & Green Infrastructure Design
  • Shore Protection/Coastal Engineering
  • Storm Recovery & Resilience

Project Overview

T&M has in-house experts in climate change adaptation and resiliency planning. The company’s planning group approaches its work through the lens of not only adapting to change and building resiliency but also of mitigating future change. From the preparation of climate change-related hazard vulnerability assessments for inclusion into municipal master plans, to the development of neighborhood vulnerability studies that inform future land use decisions, and the crafting of plans for transit-oriented development (TOD) and public electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure to promote lower carbon emissions, T&M is at the forefront of climate change adaptation and resiliency planning.

The diversity of services T&M provides in-house is an important asset to the planning group’s climate change adaptation and resiliency planning efforts. We frequently collaborate with the company’s engineers, environmental scientists, GIS Analysts, and FEMA program specialists to develop comprehensive, coordinated solutions to address our client’s needs. In every project, the project team uses the best available data to establish a strong fact base and understand climate change-related hazards and vulnerability; engages the public; develops ambitious yet achievable goals; and outlines diverse strategies to achieve goals and monitor progress toward their achievement.

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