Little Egg Harbor, NJ


Little Egg Harbor Township



Services Provided

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Living Shoreline Design
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Project Management
  • Construction Inspection

Project Overview

Mystic and Parkertown Beaches are two of Little Egg Harbor’s marquee public beach access areas, sitting directly on the Great Bay and Barnegat Bay. Over time, both beaches have suffered significant erosion despite various maintenance activities being performed on the beaches. The goal of the projects was to restore the public beach areas to the 1977 shorelines, improve habitats, protect uplands, and slow down wave attenuation. T&M worked with Stevens Institute of Technology to review the existing erosion features and wave analysis of the bays to recommend the proposed restoration measures to design the breakwater and shoreline restoration projects at both beaches. The resiliency measures implemented at both project locations included:

  • Breakwater Design/Coastal Engineering
  • Jetty
  • Living Shoreline habitat planted with spartina species and oyster spat material
  • Beach Replenishment
  • Tidal Marsh Replacement and Restoration

In order to comply with the various state and federal regulations, T&M worked with NJDEP Division of Land Resource Protection, NJDEP Shellfish Council, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), National Marines Fisheries Service, Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, and the Shellfish lease owners in the area. Both projects included wetland mitigation and monitoring, T&E Species monitoring, and shellfish restoration activities including oyster spat material with ReClam the Bay.

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