Cape May County, NJ


Cape May County Planning Board



Services Provided

  • Planning Services
  • Municipal and County Master Plans
  • Preparedness Planning/Vulnerability Analysis
  • Community Disaster Resilience

Project Overview

The Cape May County Planning Board’s responsibility for creating and implementing a county-wide comprehensive plan is derived from the County Planning Enabling Act of 1935. Beginning in early 2021, County Planning Staff began working with planners from T&M to create a new Comprehensive Plan.

The 2022 Cape May County Master Plan superseded and replaced the County’s previous master plan, which was originally adopted in 1962. It presents a clear vision for the future development of the County and a set of actionable goals and objectives that, through cooperation and collaboration with local and regional partners, guide development and redevelopment practices to sustainably meet existing and future needs, while ensuring that the character of the County is preserved for future generations.

The 2022 Master Plan was prepared with the benefit of extensive outreach, which included discussions with stakeholders and local and regional partners, public information sessions, and public comments received at public meetings of the County Planning Board. The plan document contains nearly 300 pages and includes text, data, graphics, and mapping to describe Cape May County’s: land use characteristics; environmental considerations; demographic and housing characteristics and trends; open space and recreation networks; agricultural and fishing industries; historic background and resources; transportation system; and critical infrastructure and facilities. A copy of the 2022 Cape May County Master Plan can be downloaded here.

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