Rahway, NJ


City of Rahway



Services Provided

  • Baseline Assessment
  • Treatment Evaluations
  • PFAS - Water Treatability Evaluation and Operational Impacts

Project Overview

The Rahway River serves as the primary drinking water supply for the City of Rahway. The water is treated in the City-owned, four-million-gallons-per-day treatment plant before distribution to the residents. The City and its residents have expressed growing concerns related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that have been found in the City’s water supply as well as other PFAS issues, including PFAS compliance requirements.

Because of concerns stemming from PFAS detections in finished water, the City asked T&M to explore other options for the drinking water supply. Options included bulk purchase of drinking water from existing or potential future interconnects and modification of existing third-party operation and maintenance (O&M) agreements. T&M assisted the City in evaluating the potential impacts to the ongoing O&M of the City’s water distribution system, along with possible capital improvements.

In addition, T&M provided technical support to the City of Rahway to address the PFAS regulatory requirements that commenced in 2021. T&M assisted the City in evaluating the current PFAS conditions within the water system, evaluating remedial treatment technologies and identifying potential funding sources to offset large costs associated with the installation and operation of PFAS treatment equipment and associated building and infrastructure.

T&M also supported the City of Rahway’s PFAS incineration pilot study and continues to provide technical support regarding PFAS in drinking water.

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