Tinton Falls, NJ


Borough of Tinton Falls



Services Provided

  • Utility Coordination
  • Environmental Land-use & Permitting Compliance
  • Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments)
  • Hydrogeologic and Geotechnical Investigations
  • Municipal Appointments
  • Athletic Facility Engineering
  • Park Master Plans & Design
  • Construction Management
  • Owner Representation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Land Use Planning & Concept Design
  • Site Plan Development/Design
  • Stormwater Management/Green Infrastructure
  • Landscape Architecture & Lighting
  • Grading & Erosion Control
  • Earthwork Analysis (cut/fill)
  • Land Survey
  • Construction Administration/Inspection

Project Overview

This project is a testament to the Borough of Tinton Falls’ aspiration to preserve open space via the purchase of 46 acres of wooded land, with 4.5 acres reserved for the park. Before the site was developed, the Borough investigated purchasing the land for preservation. Prior to final acquisition, T&M prepared a complete Preliminary Assessment Report, which identified various potential areas of concern that required further investigation. Surface water and soil sediment samples were completed, and T&M worked with the NJDEP to determine that no further action was required within the property. 

A field delineation of all wetlands and streams associated with the Reevy Branch Category 1 waterway that traverses the site was completed to identify necessary wetlands, transition areas and riparian buffers. An Environmental Due Diligence Report was also prepared to determine if the site contained threatened or endangered species, historic resources, Natural Heritage Sites or any other environmental constraints. Through a careful analysis, T&M was able to design the park improvements in a very limited area that preserved these critical environmental areas. This required a significant grading effort and careful design of the uplands area and avoided the need for NJDEP permits. In addition, 27 acres of the site has a conservation easement to preserve the property and prevent future development.

To offset the Borough’s land acquisition cost, T&M prepared grant applications for $1.1M in NJDEP Green Acres funds and $250,000 in Monmouth County Open Space grants. Following that, T&M assisted the Borough in obtaining $200,000 in Municipal Open Space grant funds from Monmouth County for the park development.

Based on input from residents at public meetings, T&M proposed and designed a new facility with a combination of playgrounds, two basketball courts, two tennis courts and six pickleball courts to provide a new park facility that could be used by all residents. T&M incorporated NJDEP established green infrastructure guidelines to the highest extent practicable to meet stormwater quantity, water quality and groundwater recharge requirements. Porous asphalt was used for the 50-vechicle parking lot with a stone storage/filtration area beneath all parking spaces, perforated HDPE pipes and a sand bottom infiltration basin to provide additional filtration and water quality. The design also included new electric service for the park that includes LED lighting throughout all courts, the playground and the parking lot so play could continue into the evening hours. All facilities were ADA compliant, including sufficient space for wheelchair viewing areas. Fall zones were analyzed for new types of large playground equipment, and a rubber safety surface provided to ensure that all safety standards are met. T&M also provided contract management and construction oversight services for the Borough.

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