Paterson, NJ


City of Paterson



Core Practices

Services Provided

  • Environmental Land-use & Permitting Compliance
  • Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments)
  • Remedial Investigation/Design
  • Hydrogeologic and Geotechnical Investigations
  • Brownfields

Project Overview

T&M was hired to manage and execute the City of Paterson’s NJDEP-designated Great Falls Historic District Brownfield Development Area (Great Falls BDA) which was designated in 2005. The Great Falls BDA consists of over 25 Brownfield properties within a 10-acre designated BDA. Projects within the Great Falls BDA are funded by the HDSRF. T&M provided the following activities as required by the City:

  • Assisted with the expedited transfer of any files from the previous consultant associated with any previous investigations, including but not limited to reports, grant applications, laboratory data, etc.,
  • Assisted with the BDA Steering Committee meetings including preparation of meeting agendas and maintaining a BDA property matrix detailing the status of all activities.
  • Developed a strategy to evaluate and remediate the sites within the Great Falls BDA to assist the city and the Steering Committee in prioritizing activities.
  • Developed scopes of work and associated cost estimates required for each site to proceed with the proposed investigation and/or remediation, which will be submitted to the NJDEP BDA Case Manager and Fund Coordinator for review and approval. We will also work with NJDEP BDA Case Manager and Fund Coordinator, as necessary, in cases were revisions to the developed scopes of work and associated cost estimate are required. Assisted in securing funding through the HDSRF program to conduct the required phases of the remedial process (e.g., PA, SI, RI and/or RA) for each site including:
  • Preparation of the HDSRF application for each site.
  • Assisted with preparation of the NJDEP-required resolutions and contracts.
  • Assisted with the preparation and submission of the required closing documents to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA).
  • Assisted in the tracking of the disbursement of funds from the NJEDA for each site and with cost control to ensure the secured funds are being utilized appropriately.

T&M provided LSRP services for the renovation of Overlook Park throughout the entire construction period. Investigations at the Site identified contaminated historic fill material, which need to the addressed. Oversight during the remedial action to verify the installation of the engineering controls (cap) was also part of the environmental scope of services.

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