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Borough of Keansburg



Services Provided

  • Environmental Permitting
  • Civil Engineering
  • Site Development
  • Structural Design
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Construction Inspection

Project Overview

In 2012 when Superstorm Sandy made landfall, Keansburg was one of the hardest-hit towns in New Jersey. The storm surge and wind damage devastated the Borough due to its 2.5 miles of low-lying waterfront and its unique bowl shape with lower land in the center. This vulnerability caused flood waters to inundate about 50% of the town’s structures.

With a mission to improve quality of life and support revitalization, Keansburg implemented a multi-million-dollar beach replenishment program and beachfront project. The Borough successfully restored its 2.5 miles of shoreline and reconstructed 10,000 square feet of bay walk. The restoration fortified storm resiliency and was awarded the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s Award for National Best Restored Beach in 2020.

The natural next step in the town’s progression was to construct a much-needed beach pavilion to serve as the heart of the beach community. T&M, the Borough’s engineering firm, played a critical role in the Borough’s many other revitalization and resiliency efforts. T&M met with the Borough to determine project needs. The plan was to construct a concession stand with restrooms at BayWalk East. T&M reviewed GIS Data to identify sensitive areas within the project limits and reviewed applicable policies of the Coastal Zone Management Rules. T&M coordinated with the NJDEP Division of Land Use Regulation and prepared the permit application and NJDEP CAFRA Individual Permit to address the Coastal Zone Management Rules, site location maps, photographs, NJDEP Natural Heritage Program Data Request. The community was kept apprised of the project’s status and permit plans through public hearings and newspaper notifications. Public notice documentation was sent to all property owners within 200 feet of the site. The project scope included site clearing and grading and construction of an ADA compliant, prefabricated restroom and concession building. The pavilion is outfitted with free-standing showers, bathrooms, a storage area, a snack stand, picnic tables, and a station for chair and umbrella rentals and is conveniently located next to a children’s playground. The success of this new pavilion can be measured by the increasing number of residents and visitors using the beach and attending waterfront events.

The Borough has improved flood mitigation and resiliency for future storm events. The waterfront is equipped with a newly restored beach and bay walk, coupled with a new, modern pavilion that was built to last.

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