Westerville, OH


City of Columbus Division of Water



Services Provided

  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Owner Representation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Reporting
  • Change Order Review / Negotiation

Project Overview

The Hoover Dam is located upstream of the Hap Cremean Water Plant and regulates water flow to the drinking water intake downstream and stores water resources for future use. T&M is providing construction management services for Part 1 of the improvements to the dam.

The project involves the installation of a cascade aeration and jet gate bypass system; replacement of intake gates, fixed cone valves, and venturi meters; miscellaneous site, structural, architectural, and mechanical/HVAC improvements, which included the installation of new dehumidification units, stairs, railings, and Control House gutters and roofing; replacement of electrical equipment, new backup generator, and associated I&C upgrades; installation of spill containment structures for generators; pavement of the existing parking lots and dam access road.

T&M’s construction management services for the project include the review of contractor submittals; review of contractor RFP proposals and delegating RFP documents for signatures; writing and compiling change orders; scheduling and organizing trainings on new instrumentation, valves, and gates; coordinating with the owner and contractor to schedule spare part deliveries; management of all documents exchanged during the project; providing detailed meeting minutes for progress and coordination meetings between the owner, designer, and contractor.

Due to the important nature of the dam in preserving drinking water resources, the project was conducted in close communication with the City of Columbus Division of Water staff. 

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