Building Stronger, Safer Communities

As the costs of disasters continue to rise, T&M finds sustainable ways to reduce hazard risks and create more resilient communities. Our experts spearhead this ongoing process that occurs before, during, and after natural disasters. This planning reduces loss of life and property, and other vulnerabilities of future disasters.

T&M’s Municipal, Environmental, and Natural Hazards practice teams support our clients’ efforts to minimize risk-to-life and property damage from flooding and increase their resilience to natural disasters.

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Hazard Mitigation Services

Disaster can strike any community – good planning can reduce the risk and also help to secure funding to implement mitigation strategies.

  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan Development and Updates
  • Grant Funding Identification, Acquirement, and Management
  • Community Rating System Application Support
  • Multi-Hazard Risk Analyses (Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane)
  • Vulnerability and Benefit-Cost Analyses
  • Floodplain Management Services

Project Highlights

Hazard Mitigation Plan for the City of Philadelphia

Regional Floodplain Analysis & Mapping

Hurricane Laura Substantial Damage Estimates (SDE)

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