Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania and Virginia





Core Practices

Services Provided

  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
  • FEMA Regulatory and Non-Regulatory (Risk MAP) production
  • Terrain Processing
  • HAZUS Risk and other Risk Assessments
  • Community Rating System Support

Project Overview

T&M is conducting flood studies for 32 counties and 11 HUC8 watersheds across Virginia and Pennsylvania. We are involved in all phases of the projects with this client, starting with Discovery, where we work closely with each community to identify areas of flood risk, mapping, and mitigation needs, while gaining insight that is leveraged to address these mapping and risk assessment needs and utilized during the engineering and mapping analyses.

To support these studies our team is conducting an engineering analyses of 3,500 miles of streams. We utilize the newest LiDAR elevation data, merged with field survey data to compile models in a highly efficient manner. Our hydrologic models include regression analyses and gage evaluations, as well as incorporating available data on dam operations. The elevation data and hydrology feed into our HEC-RAS hydraulic models for all studied streams. With the resulting water surface elevations, our team is generating multifrequency floodplain boundaries, flood depth and probability grids. This data informs flood risk dashboards, and Hazus Risk Assessments for thousands of square miles.

Our deliverables also include generation of Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and related reports. These regulatory products dictate where future development may and may not occur, how it must be constructed, and flood insurance premiums for structures within the floodplain. This includes compiling all maps and reports, distributing to the impacted counties and communities, and participating in outreach meetings to convey the new maps to the communities. 

At multiple stages throughout the project, we support engage local stakeholders at community meetings to explain the technical and regulatory aspects of the project.  

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