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Ocean County



Services Provided

  • Solar/Microgrid/Battery Storage Electrical Design
  • Energy Management/Conservation Services
  • Utility Coordination
  • Building Electrical – MEP Support
  • System Commissioning/Start-up
  • Central Plants
  • Emergency/Standby Power Generation Systems

Project Overview

T&M performed an Energy Analysis and Feasibility Study for the County for the design and installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. The study reviewed the most recent 12-months of energy billing data, electric utility interval data and other relevant tabulated energy use data. This data was used to develop monthly energy use profiles for electric and thermal loads at the Justice Complex in conjunction with a review of existing equipment, including boilers, chillers, hot water generators and any other major energy device.

Based upon the energy profiles, addressability of loads, physical constraints and typical cogeneration system characteristics, the following was provided:

  • A CHP system configuration that optimized economic performance while also meeting state emissions and efficiency criteria.
  • A monthly operating analysis of the plant against the existing load profiles that show electric and thermal load factors on a monthly basis.
  • An installation budget and estimation of potential incentives.
  • A financial model showing CHP related costs and savings including maintenance as well as a simple payback analysis with and without incentives.
  • A cost sensitivity analysis for higher and lower electric and natural gas costs.

Based on this analysis, the results confirmed that a 600 kW CHP is a proper technical fit for the Justice Complex. T&M has subsequently:

  • Completed the design for the installation.
  • Assisted in securing a grant greater than 30% of the cost of the installation.
  • Assisted the County with the bidding of all project phases.
  • Assisted with the Construction Phase of the project.
  • Coordinated the successful completion of the first two phases of the incentive payments.

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