Dahms Discusses How Federal Funds and AI Reshape Engineering

January 17, 2024

In an interview with ROI-NJ, T&M’s President & CEO, Gary Dahms discussed how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) has reshaped the engineering industry and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a role in the industry’s future.

Since its introduction in November 2021, the IIJA has not only had an impact on the transportation, water, sewer, utilities and broadband industries in New Jersey, but also across the nation. Approximately 25% of the IIJA money has been allocated, mostly to shovel-ready projects, those designed and permitted and just waiting for construction funding, and as we go forward more funding will flow to the design side of things so we can continue to build up a pipeline of new construction projects.

In order to meet the job demands that come with the government funding, we will look to AI to see how and where it can automate and alleviate responsibilities from engineers, just like how AutoCAD translates engineer designs into drawings with technology.

Read the interview to learn about the challenges the AEC industry faces due to funding, how AI is currently used, the hope for AI in the industry and Gary’s optimistic point of view for the industry.