Storm Water Solutions: The Key to Compliance

May 31, 2023

Effective stormwater management and flood prevention efforts in the United States rely heavily on proper permitting. Compliance with various regulations and guidelines affects how companies and municipalities manage stormwater permitting and its associated responsibilities. These regulations and policies are in place to ensure that flooding and stormwater runoff is appropriately managed and does not cause environmental damage or harm to human health or loss of property. Compliance with the various stormwater permitting requirements and associated responsibilities can be complex and time-consuming. Ultimately, it is everyone’s responsibility to prioritize compliance with stormwater permitting requirements to protect our environment and promote the well-being of our communities.

Read “The Key to Compliance,” featured in Storm Water Solutions magazine, written by T&M’s Kristopher Krzyston, to learn more about best practices for managing compliance and permitting issues that have practical applications for specific projects.