Building a Stronger, More Resilient Jersey Shore

May 26, 2023

Ten years ago Superstorm Sandy devastated the community of Union Beach in Monmouth County, NJ and the town has spent the last decade not only repairing the damage, but also preparing for future storms. A beach fill project, which began in March, will involve the addition of 3,160 linear feet of dunes with three berm crossovers, composed of 688,000 cubic yards of sand. The project will make the community’s beach, currently only a few hundred feet, approximately three times as wide and four times as long. Future phases in subsequent years will involve the construction of storm gates, pump stations and earthen levees.  The eventual pump stations will ensure that excess water can be pumped over the levee and into the bay. Along the way, we’re taking steps to mitigate any wetland disturbance and keep the project as “green” as possible.

Read about the work Union Beach is doing  in “Building a Stronger, More Resilient Jersey Shore Community” featured in ROI-NJ, co-authored by Charles Cocuzza, Union Beach Mayor, and T&M’s Robert Keady and Dennis Dayback.