Justin Wilson Discusses Emergency Eyewash Stations in OHS Magazine

August 2, 2023

Emergency eyewash stations are central to the safety of everyone around them. When these stations are needed, they must work properly and the importance of maintaining, flushing, and regularly checking these fundamental pieces of safety equipment isn’t something we should look past.

These stations are central to the safety of everyone around them, providing a first line of defense against dangerous burns and eye damage from chemicals, debris and more. However, the technology used remains largely the same as it’s been since the 1980s – simply activate the flow of water by pulling on a shower chain or pushing a valve handle to flush your eyes. One of the few advancements we’ve made has been in sensors and alerts that go off when an eyewash station is activated.

Learn more about the key innovations to eyewash stations, and how companies can ensure proper usage in, ‘The Crucial Role of Emergency Eyewash Stations’ by Justin Wilson, Health and Safety Group Manager, in Occupational Health & Safety Magazine’s August issue here.