Storm Water Solutions: How Green Infrastructure Helps Nature Succeed

July 22, 2022

The goal of green infrastructure is to design with nature; to let nature be part, if not most, of the solution to managing stormwater. This design concept is used to address stormwater rate, volume and quality with additional benefits of heat mitigation and air quality. Although the greatest green infrastructure mitigations are usually applicable to smaller storms (occurring 95+ % of the time), its integration is demonstrated in several case studies to provide resilience from 100- even up to 1,000-year storms.

T&M’s Zachary Ranstead, PE, LEED-AP, CFM, discusses the history of design challenges and the evolution of guidance and permitting on this topic, as well as sites examples from the Manavon Elementary School and the Malvern Redevelopment projects in “How Green Infrastructure Helps Nature Succeed” featured in Storm Water Solutions magazine.