Dasti & Burgess Discuss Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace in OHS Magazine

September 29, 2022

As we continue to move toward what we hope will be a post-pandemic world, there remains a heightened responsibility for business owners to protect their people from Covid-19 as well as providing a workplace prepared for potential future outbreaks.  

Indoor air quality has become increasingly important for both the businesses with staff returning to the workplace, and those that have been working onsite throughout the pandemic. Prevention of disease transmission has become an important criterion in assessing HVAC systems and air quality. Before the pandemic, this was not necessarily a key design consideration outside of medical facilities, and many existing HVAC systems may not meet or be able to meet newer guidelines for important factors like higher efficiency filters. 

To learn more about working with building owners to improve indoor air quality read, “Indoor Air Quality as a Measure of Success for Business Owners” by Tom Burgess, Industrial Hygienist, and Elaine Dasti, MEP Practice Leader, in Occupational Health & Safety Magazine’s September edition here.