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T&M’s Hurricane Disaster Recovery Services Expand to Puerto Rico

March 26, 2019

T&M is supporting the mission of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to eliminate or lessen immediate threats to lives, public health or safety, and to prevent additional damage to property in a cost-effective manner. T&M’s resume of experience and dedicated professionals make us an ideal consultant to assist them with their mission. To date, we have had three significant deployment opportunities through our joint venture, Compass JV.

We were first called upon to support hurricane recovery activities in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Several team members from multiple offices were deployed to Houston, Corpus Christi and Beaumont, Texas where they spent several months providing (and continue to provide) hazard mitigation support.

When Hurricane Florence struck the East Coast, FEMA requested the team’s assistance for a second time. One of T&M’s FAA-Certified UAV Commercial Pilots was deployed to North Carolina to collect video imaging and point cloud data to assess the extent of flood damage with the use of a drone. A short time later, two more experts were deployed to estimate costs associated with flood-impacted structures. They worked alongside FEMA with home and business owners, municipalities, and community leaders on the ground to inspect over 2,000 structures in hurricane-damaged areas ranging from beachfront tourist locations to the interior flood plains of the Cape Fear and Neuse Rivers.

T&M’s most recent assignment takes us to Puerto Rico, where we are providing engineering support to inspect impacted structures from Hurricane Maria and to work with communities in their rebuilding and resiliency planning activities.

Today T&M has over 30 FEMA-Contractor badged professionals. Each is dedicated, mobile-ready and willing to pitch in when duty calls.

FEMA’s motto is: Prepared. Responsive. Committed. The individuals representing T&M have lived up to this motto, as well as exemplified T&M’s core values, which together have laid the foundation for a winning partnership.