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UAS Environmental Inspection Services, Western Ohio

The benefits of environmental remediation often go unnoticed, but not in the case of one 30-acre site in western Ohio. A former brake lining manufacturer remediated the asbestos-impacted soils onsite and now the property is being eyed by the city and county parks department for use as a nature preserve.

T&M was brought in to perform an evaluation to verify that the property could safely be used by the public. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was used to collect digital data to evaluate past remedial efforts. Few records regarding the soil remediation work existed and verifying site safety for public use was critical. The UAV was flown by one of T&M’s in-house FAA certified UAV Commercial Pilots.

Data collected by the UAV will be used with survey data and pre-remediation topographic data to determine the capping soil thickness from past remedial efforts. When this step is complete, environmental restrictions for site use will be established and a portion of the site will be made available for public use as a nature preserve.

The use of technology played a time and cost saving role in this project.

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