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Honored at NJ Alliance For Action Engineering Awards

October 18, 2019

On Tuesday, October 15, the New Jersey Alliance for Action at its annual Distinguished Engineering Awards Breakfast honored all three projects submitted by T&M Associates, a leading national engineering, environmental and consulting firm. These included the Sea Bright-Monmouth Beach Seawall Reconstruction Project, the Loughran Point Park Inlet Bulkhead & Park Improvements Project in Point Pleasant Beach, and the Fort Monmouth Myer Center Abatement Demolition in Oceanport.

The Alliance for Action’s Distinguished Engineering Award program recognizes innovative, unique and outstanding engineering projects for their impact on the state’s economy and environment. Seventeen other entrants from across New Jersey were honored alongside T&M’s projects.

“It is an honor for T&M to receive Distinguished Engineering Awards for all three projects that were submitted,” said Gary Dahms, President and CEO of T&M Associates. “I want to thank Alliance for Action for acknowledging the quality and caliber of the work that T&M provides our clients. Congratulations to all of our associates, it is well deserved.”

The Sea Bright-Monmouth Beach Seawall runs along the coast protecting State Route 36 and the communities along its limits. This form of coastal defense uses seawalls, groins, jetties, bulkheads, revetment, and beach nourishment to protect the coast. In 2012 Superstorm Sandy caused devastating erosion and damage to the seawall and inundation of the protected communities through the gaps. T&M was brought on to work with FEMA, NJDEP’s Bureau of Coastal Engineering and the communities to establish a scope of repair/reconstruction and to design the improvements to the 9900-foot barrier, which was completed in June 2019.

Similarly, Loughran Point Park was heavily damaged by Sandy. The Park’s inlet bulkhead was failing, and the adjacent Fishermen’s Memorial had been devastated. T&M’s mission was not only to restore the park to its former glory, but to improve its amenities and storm resiliency. A new 220-foot bulkhead was installed, as well as new landscaping, picnic tables and a viewing area. The memorial, dedicated to 106 fisherman who lost their lives from 1931-2018, had a new boardwalk and shade pavilion constructed, and new memorial plaques, electric lighting and benches installed. Upon completion, on May 17, 2019, Point Pleasant Beach held a memorial rededication ceremony.

Fort Monmouth was retired as an Army installation in 2011 and an initiative to redevelop the site commenced. T&M was contracted to provide engineering design and construction administration services for the demolition of the property’s Myer Center facility, a 670,000 SF building that not only was an eyesore but a roadblock to the redevelopment of the Fort due to its tremendous undertaking and lack of interest from developers. The project included environmental remediation/abatement and construction of site improvements and stabilization for future development on the 36-acre site. The project was completed in May 2019, finalizing a critical step in the redevelopment and economic stability of the region.