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Real Estate and Development


Upward Mobility

Recovery will continue with the industrial and distribution sector leading the way. Apartments, hotels, retail and office look to follow in order. Driving industrial and distribution development are domestic and foreign companies building factories here due to a shorter supply chain and lower energy costs. Driving another kind of development–ports of call along the East and Gulf Coasts–is the Panama Canal expansion. Commercial harbors are expanding their capabilities to handle the larger ships that will traverse the canal. Amid this good news are government policies on taxes, regulations and insurance availability, and its cost. All could affect the pace of development.

But as the recovery continues, it’s still essential to determine realistic budgets and a project’s success criteria. Site selection ought to consider the relationships between the project and the environment and the project and nearby communities. Thorough pre-construction prep, construction documentation, actual construction, then commissioning can save time and money.

T&M Associates, a technical services and consulting firm, offers the development, environmental, energy and transportation capabilities to help a project or operations team complete a development on time and on budget. It’s what we do.