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Enhancing Patient Care and Outcomes

Healthcare managements live and breathe patient care and outcomes. Their facilities, of course, help them deliver on that commitment.

Architectural elements need to appeal to healthcare ‘consumers,’ (a.k.a. patients and their families) while the infrastructure must provide an effective and efficient environment for staff and patients. Both ought to accommodate an aging population and evolving demographics, and reflect changing reimbursement policies.

In addition, facility expansions need to be integrated holistically. Renovations must hurdle environmental compliance challenges such as asbestos, lead paint and mold remediation, water management and lower energy-per-square-foot limits. All while minimizing interruptions to operations.

New and renovated facilities should include new care-centered technologies and more single-occupancy rooms.

Expansions and renovations benefit from strategic energy procurement, which stabilizes and even lowers operational costs. Environmentally sustainable solar power reduces kW demand from the grid and produces tax breaks and other incentives. Energy efficient lighting and smart chiller operation also lower kW demand.

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