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Inspiration to Learn

Schools can be much more than comfortable and efficient classrooms. The best inspire learning.

Educators recognize creative school design is fundamental to their mission – enticing students to fully participate in learning. Indeed, they envision school design as an opportunity to build a school’s image and attract quality students, faculty and funding.

Besides academic buildings, creative design for common and recreational spaces, and housing can produce a total learning experience.

Schools also must provide a hygienic and safe environment, free of asbestos, lead paint and mold. Reducing energy consumption with strategic energy procurement, renewable energy technologies, energy efficient lighting and overall energy management help lower operating costs.

LEED, lean, net-zero and environmental compliance requirements are increasingly integrated into the planning, design, construction and commissioning processes.

While Design/Bid/Build and CM/GC processes have been the workhorses of project management, integrated process delivery (IPD) and private-public partnerships (P3) are gaining traction.

T&M Associates, a technical services and consulting firm, is a proven team member on a range of educational / institutional projects and operational processes, especially development, energy, the environment and transportation. We know what success requires–trust, communication and commitment. Let us show you.