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Life at T&M

HabitatForHumanityEmployee well-being and professional development is incorporated in every aspect of T&M’s corporate culture. We have also developed a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to giving back to the various communities we operate in that we believe aligns with T&M’s values and maximizes the impact we can make at the local level. Through the programs and groups listed below, T&M seeks to make life at T&M an extremely rewarding experience for all our employees.

The Exchange

The Exchange is a T&M program focused on improving our people’s project management skills to achieve better project performance and client service. When our projects succeed, so do our clients; this builds client confidence which leads to stronger client relationships and more challenging projects. The program also aims at developing our junior staff into the project managers of the future.

The YP Group

In today’s changing business environment, young professionals face many pressures, both professional and personal. We understand that our employees need tools they can use to help manage their careers. In response to this, T&M launched a Young Professionals Group. The “YP” Group is aimed at any employee who is interested in personal growth and development within the T&M framework, but is particularly focused on those who are in the early stages of their professional careers.

Social Events Committee

The T&M Social Events Committee’s goal is to supplement the work environment with a social atmosphere for T&M employees and their families. The “SEC” realizes the importance of group socialization to bond employees together and to create an awareness of different disciplines within T&M outside of a working environment. Events organized by the SEC include the Corporate Summer Picnic, holiday parties, backyard BBQs, fishing trips, and various other activities that help our employees develop bonds beyond the office environment.

Wellness Works

Education, awareness and support. The T&M Wellness Works Committee enhances the well-being of all employees and their families by fostering and promoting healthy lifestyles. Each week, the Wellness Works publishes advice on a wide-variety of topics from healthy eating to reducing stress in the workplace.

Project Helping Hands

Project Helping Hands is a company-wide program to provide support and give back to fellow employee(s) or others in their time of need. The program’s main focus surrounds the holiday season, when the company sponsor’s several local families in need. The goal is to provide these families with clothing and toys for children and gift cards for adults.