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Commitment to Health & Safety

SafetyWe value our strong health and safety culture.

Our company’s greatest responsibility is the health and safety of our employees and those that are impacted by T&M’s projects. We value our strong health and safety culture and have in place an on-going and comprehensive health and safety program we call Project Safety Matters. This employee-led program unites all of T&M in achieving an accident free environment where everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.

Project Safety Matters is focused on active, involved, individual and collaborative leadership to reduce workplace injuries through the establishment of standards and procedures for hazard recognition, evaluation and control. Under the program, it is expected that each employee:

  • Is provided with the proper level of training to perform their job safely
  • Understands and promotes safety for themselves and their fellow team members
  • Takes the time to perform each task safely
  • Reports all hazards and near-misses to their supervisor and appropriate health & safety representative
  • Uses appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Follows established safety procedures at all times

The backbone of Project Safety Matters is the belief that all accidents are preventable through effective communication, accountability and proper training. No project is so important and no service so pressing that we cannot take the required time and commit the necessary resources to perform our work safely.