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T&M’s Krzyston comments on Living Shorelines

December 2, 2020

An interesting sea change is taking place regarding how we view coastlines, erosion, and ecology. Whereas manmade bulkheads were once the de facto standard to protect land from water encroachment, many state agencies and engineering firms across the U.S. are now recognizing there may be a better way. It involves a more environmentally sound—and sometimes less expensive—alternative deemed a “living shoreline.”

T&M’s Regional Environmental Practice Leader, Kris Krzyston, comments on the long-term sustainability of this restoration technique in Jersey Shore Magazine’s “Rethinking Bulkheads.” The article also highlights two T&M projects: John C. Bartlett, Hr. County Park at Berkeley Island and Iowa Court and South Green Street project in Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton, NJ.