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Construction Management Provides Vital Benefits for Project Owners

December 20, 2019

CMBlogPost_700x450Several trends affecting both the private and public sectors are driving the demand for quality construction management support, including an increasingly complex site development process, more stringent regulatory policies and the rapid evolution of construction technology. Project owners can be afforded notable benefits by hiring a construction manager (CM) early in the process, such as consistency, extensive control over the project and staffing accountability.

Project Owners are Given Enhanced Control Over a Project by Hiring a CM

Even as more project owners are recognizing the benefits offered by having a CM in their corner, many are missing the opportunity to fully capitalize on their value by retaining them after project design is already underway, or just before construction activities commence. Alternatively, early involvement by a CM during the project generation and planning stages allows the owner to benefit from expert counseling while determining scope, schedule, budget and deciding on project delivery method and contractor selection.

This early involvement can mean the difference between a project overrun with change-orders, near misses, delays and erroneous spending and one that has been successfully navigated from concept through completion with the owner’s expectations for safety, budget, schedule and quality fully realized.

Early Involvement of a CM Enhances Project Owner’s Control

In hiring a CM, a project owner gains access to a wealth of professional knowledge and experience previously unfamiliar to them. Benefits of early inclusion can be found in all stages of the project. Familiarity with the process helps narrow down important calculations in cost and design, thereby giving project owners improved oversight and understanding of the project, allowing them to pursue other business obligations knowing that their project is in respectable hands.

One maxim of design and construction is the inversely proportional relationship between the cost of project changes and the magnitude of those changes over the course of the project. As the project moves on from being defined to design and construction, the extent in which the project can be altered reduces significantly. Simultaneously, the cost of implementing those changes begins to increase. As a result, the input and expertise provided by a CM can be deployed most cost-effectively if these suggestions are delivered as early on in the life of the project as possible.

A quality CM included in the design process can produce a written scope and enforce it to make sure all entities, from architects to contractors, are accountable and working in harmony toward one final objective. This takes the stress of being everywhere at once off of the project owner. A CM will also uphold vexing compliance laws and continuously monitor construction spending in accordance to the detailed budget.

CM’s Promote Teamwork and Synergy

An effective CM is capable of keeping designers and contractors on task, but only if designers and contractors recognize the CM as an extension of the owner. This relationship is established from the beginning if CM’s are brought onto the project early enough to assist owners in the selection of designers and contractors. Well-informed staff selections will allow said designers and contractors to operate within the gaps of the owner’s knowledge without having to defer to the CM for menial steps in the design plan.

CMBlogBlock2Using a CM as an extension of the project owner allows the latter to focus on the bigger picture. While the CM is making sure the plan is being executed by staff according to design without any hitches, the project owner can undertake other ventures. This isn’t to mistake effortless execution with a lack of control, though. Without the CM presence during the inception stage, the project owner will need to exhaust more of their time and resources to make sure the CM is up to speed and integrated with the current staff.

Relieve Stress and Take Control

The words stress and control can often take on a negative connotation when paired together, but project owners have the opportunity to view them in a different light. CM’s alleviate routine duties while simultaneously enhancing the oversight a project owner has over all steps of the design and construction process. Including a CM early in the project planning process can help to create synergy among the different teams that need to work together during the course of the project, enhancing the probability of successful project delivery and allowing project owners to quickly move on to their next great endeavor.