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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) combines computer software, hardware and data, and enables us to visualize, analyze, interpret and better-understand information that is tied to a location on the earth’s surface. T&M has the expertise to assist municipal, county, state, federal and private clients through all stages of GIS implementation. By incorporating geographic data and analysis tools into the decision-making processes, we increase collaboration between stakeholders and enhance our client’s abilities to solve complex problems. T&M serves as your trusted partner providing complete, scalable geospatial solutions that make a difference.


Borough of Keansburg: GIS Development, Keansburg, NJ Enterprise Utility GIS Services, City of Newark, OH: Township of Berkeley: GIS Development, Berkeley, NJ
Warrior Watch Application, City of Columbus DPS, OH: Woodbridge Township: Point System Ordinance and Planning Visualization Maps, Woodbridge, NJ Enterprise GIS Services, City of Hilliard, OH


  • GIS Planning and Organizational Support
  • System Architecture and Database Services
  • Data Inventory and Conversion
  • Spatially Enabled Workflow Optimization
  • Systems Integration
  • Application Development (Desktop, Web, Mobile)
  • Maintenance and Training