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Iowa Court and South Green Living Shoreline

The Township of Little Egg Harbor, in conjunction with local partners including the Borough of Tuckerton, was the recipient of a Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Competitive Grant through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for a Marsh Restoration and Replenishment project. The purpose of the project was to restore and replenish local marsh, wetlands, and beaches suffering extensive erosion along the shoreline.

The marsh restoration will directly benefit the local community by strengthening natural buffers against storm surges and erosion, which will help protect critical infrastructure in the areas of Osborn Island (Iowa Court) and Tuckerton Beach (South Green Street).

Key project deliverables included a Resiliency Measures Feasibility Study and Preliminary Survey, which involved meeting with local partners, NJ Natural Lands Trust, and E.B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, to help identify the project areas, environmental constraints, permit requirements, native plantings, estimates, etc.

Extensive coordination with both the NJDEP and Army Corps of Engineers resulted in the issuance of a NJDEP Coastal Wetland Permit #24 and an ACOE Nationwide Permit #13, for the construction of a 770 LF marsh sill on Iowa Court and a 228 LF breakwater on South Green Street. The improvements result in the restoration of nearly 1 acre of tidal marsh adjacent to Iowa Court and 0.298 acres of beach along South Green Street; improving both the resiliency of the communities and restoration of critical wildlife habitat.

Watch and learn more about the significance of this living shoreline project by viewing Philadelphia NBC10’s News Report, featuring T&M’s Jason Worth, the Appointed Township Engineer.


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