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Meeting Today’s Challenges

Designing, constructing, servicing and upgrading the transportation infrastructure is increasingly challenging. It requires integrating advanced technology, managing technical and regulatory issues, and meeting project schedules within allocated funding.

Overarching goals to optimize existing road and bridge capacity and build new local roads and major urban highways will relieve congestion.

Accomplishing the goals calls for projects that produce high performance return on investment, asset management that promotes efficient maintenance and repair services, and highway safety projects and services that reduce injuries and fatalities.

Airport project design, inspection and maintenance services ensure the structural integrity of terminals and other facilities.

Economic growth and international trade depend on projects and services that ensure ports and harbors have adequate channel depths and maintenance, and efficient connections to roads and rail lines. East and Gulf Coast ports and harbors are readying for larger ships that will traverse the expanded Panama Canal.

Maintaining and upgrading rail capacity, and adding new capacity will enhance rail transportation as an energy-efficient freight option and a convenient city-to-city passenger service.

The Transportation Division of T&M Associates offers technical and consulting services for today’s transportation infrastructure challenges. That includes development, environmental and energy experience.