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Now more than ever, we confront the challenges of conserving energy and improving grid reliability.

In the face of rising costs, climate change, deregulated energy markets and overburdened power grids, T&M works to find effective solutions to the major energy and utility issues facing communities, industrial and utility clients.

Our services are comprehensive, including energy analysis and planning, environmental compliance, conceptual design, engineering, procurement, project management, construction management and asset management. Drawing from a renowned pool of expert planners and mechanical and electrical engineers, LEED professionals, energy procurement consultants and compliance specialists, T&M successfully delivers cutting edge projects, including wind farms, waste-to-energy facilities, and solar fields, in addition to hardening and making critical upgrades to existing power infrastructure.

When it comes to creating a sustainable and secure future, we have the know-how to successfully complete any capital improvement project, energy conservation program or facility assessment.