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Employee Spotlight

Meet Krista Heinrich: T&M Professional Engineer Dedicated to Modernizing Infrastructure, Protecting the Environment and Improving People’s Lives


The one thing that Professional Engineer Krista Heinrich wants you to know about her is that she likes using her engineering talents to make a difference within the communities she serves and feels lucky she can do it every day.

“Engineering is a great profession,” she says. “I get the most excitement out of finding the simple, elegant solution to engineering challenges that will deliver the biggest impact towards modernizing infrastructure, protecting the environment and improving people’s lives.”

Her projects are often not showstoppers and are seldom noticed because they’re not seen, and that is what makes them successful. That’s infrastructure at its best. Although the general public might not see Krista’s simple, elegant solutions, she’s keenly aware of them herself, of course.

When she’s driving around Whitemarsh Township in Pennsylvania or Lambertville in New Jersey with her family, she points out the projects she’s helped develop. Such as a constructed wetland basin and stream bank restoration in Whitemarsh. Or, site grading, stormwater management and soil remediation for a local park in Lambertville. These are projects that have made a difference.

Krista’s scope of project responsibilities spans planning, permitting, design and construction, but she enjoys design the most.

“I get to see my designs built and know they’re helping people,” she says. A fair number of those designs have hurdled nettlesome stormwater and watershed management challenges.

“People generally don’t think about stormwater, until an extreme event occurs. Neighborhoods flood, property suffers damage, and emergency services respond – and that’s when they start thinking about stormwater as a problem.” That’s when Krista and her T&M colleagues get involved.

Today’s focus is on protecting water quality and supplementing or replacing existing stormwater infrastructure to meet current local, state and federal regulations.

She joined T&M in 2011 when the company acquired the firm where she was employed.  The civil engineering and architectural engineering degrees she earned from Drexel University in 2003 prepared her well for a career at T&M.

“I applied to Drexel for its architectural program, but they asked if I would consider the engineering program, instead,” she said. “My father graduated from Drexel as an engineer so I talked with him about it and decided to accept their offer.” While in school, she signed on for extra course work to qualify for an architectural engineering degree as well.

Although a dedicated P.E., Krista still makes time for family fun. Her recreation of choice is kayaking. She and her husband, kayak primarily in Lake Nockamixon, a 1,450-acre reservoir in Bucks County, PA.

“I enjoy anything I can do outdoors with friends and that keeps me moving,” she says. “It would be awesome to raft down the Grand Canyon.”

And what about the future? She’s going to take adventure as it comes.